Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabulous New Items & Updates to Our Favorite Products

It's been almost 3 weeks since my mom and I launched The Polka Dot Posie and I cannot BELIEVE how much love and support we have received so far. It actually brings us both to tears when we think about how many friends and family members have shared our links, passed out business cards, posted pictures and shared WONDERFUL reviews. We can't believe how many people have purchased our goodies and then took the time to rave about everything on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even through text message. We are so so SO blessed to have all of you in our lives.

In just three short weeks, my mom and I have already come up with about 100 new items we want to make and sell. And the list just keeps on growing. We have also been given some wonderful suggestions from people and we want you all to know that a line of iPad, iPhone and book reader cases is on the horizon :-)

Some of the other great suggestions we have had came from our loyal customers, who willingly became our guinea pigs. Thanks to all of you, we have now made some wonderful changes to a few of our favorite products. For example:

New Adjustable Straps and Easy Closure Snaps for our Grab & Go Camera Bags

When my mom first designed our camera bags, we were under the impression that a standard strap length would work for everyone. And for the most part we think it has, especially based on some of the great reviews we've received. However, we did notice how our bags hung on some of our less-tall customers and we realized that an adjustable strap would probably be an awesome option.

And so, we are pleased to announce that from now on, all Grab & Go camera bags will come with a fabulous adjustable strap like this...

We think this is an excellent new feature, as are our new snaps. Long gone are the days of having to line up your snap to make it close. We found wonderful magnetic snaps that are built right into the fabric and catch as soon as you fold over the flap. Easy peasy!!

A More Vibrant Selection of Rosie Posie Fabrics for Necklaces and Other Accessories

Although we still love all the colors we offer in our Rosie Posie necklaces and accessories, my mom has fallen in love with Kona Cotton. Our rosettes roll much nicer and the selection of colors they have to choose from is just incredible. Here is a look at our new sample page and all the beautiful options you now have to chose from:

I am IN LOVE with the salmon, coral, canary and violet right now. Peridot is also another beautiful color for summer, as well as the deep blue, and I can't wait to "test" all these new necklaces. Ha! Please know that if you were in love with one of our other "retired" colors, or even if you have a specific color in mind for a special event, please don't hesitate to contact us. My mom can almost always accommodate :-)

And if you want to know a little secret...we will be offering MINI Rosie Posie Necklaces in the near future. They are perfect for toddlers and little girls and thy will come in all of the colors pictured above. You can see Addie is wearing one in this picture :-)

More Fabric Options for our Camera Bags and Rosie Posie Ruffle Totes

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably already noticed that we've listed some beautiful new bags the last few days and there are more to come!!!

Rosie Posie Medium Zipper Bag Wristlet Option

My good friends Ashley and Carol told us that they plan to use their Rosie Posie Medium Zipper Pouch as a little clutch purse.

Carol got super creative and tied ribbon onto her zipper to make her bag a wristlet. What a FABULOUS idea! And then two days later, Ashley e-mailed me and said, " there any way you guys can make your medium zipper pouch a wristlet?" So it was settled. Our fabulous Rosie Posie Medium Zipper Pouch will now come with a wristlet option. Sample pictures to come...

More Options in Invitations and Printables 

I have been so caught up in all the excitement of our store launch, I haven't' dedicated enough time to growing my collection of digital invitations and cupcake toppers. But just so you all know, I am OPEN FOR CUSTOM ORDERS!!! If you have a theme or color pallet in mind for a birthday, shower, graduation party, work event, etc., I am happy to work with you to design and customize the PERFECT invitation for your event.

Right now I have a small, but cute inventory of kids birthday invitations for sale on our site...

But I hope to grow this tremendously this summer :-) 


Do you see what a difference only 3 weeks makes? We are already trying to improve on our wonderful inventory and we hope in addition to that, we will be able to bring you LOTS of new goodies on a regular basis. Right now, we are looking to list a new item each week if possible. So...we thought we would start with this weeks BRAND NEW ITEM: The Wristlet Key Fob!!

I would say on average, I lose my keys about twice a day. They are either at the bottom of my purse or lost in my car because they fell out of my hand while trying to get the kids out. Keys are just one more thing to juggle each day so what I LOVE about these new key fobs is that you can just slip your keys around your wrist and have two free hands to load and unload. No more losing more messing with them.

I know there are a lot of great key fobs on the market but what we love about ours is the clip we use, instead of those AWFUL tight rings that you can never ever EVER get open. We also have a lot of fun, bright, ready-to-ship colors for you to choose from.

We can also make these key fobs in any of the colors in our Rosie Posie collection, or you can request a specific color scheme or pattern. We will always do our best to accommodate :-) And the best part...they are only $5!!


Some of our very best product ideas have come from great friends, family and customers and we hope that all of you will continue to inspire us. If you already know of an item you would LOVE to see us offer, leave a comment here!!

Thanks for stopping by today friends!! New items coming next week!!

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