Thursday, June 21, 2018

Beat Summer Boredom with an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

With an 8 and 10-year-old living here, my home is FILLED with toys, gadgets and other entertainment. I have an entire closet of board games and shelves filled with books, yet every day in the summer, one or both of my children still say,


To which I respond,


And I don't just yell that because I want some peace and quiet (although that is part of it :) I also tell them to go outside because what I have learned about my kids is that when they are inside, surrounded by endless toys and gadgets, they are always in a perpetual state of boredom. But outside, they can entertain themselves for hours with just a ball and a bat, or a pile of sticks and pinecones. 

Its magical.

But even in the magical outdoors, kids still love a fun activity or craft, so I wanted to share some of the great finds I've come across online recently in case you want to add some new outdoor activities or crafts to your arsenal.

First up, if you are looking for games to play when you have a gaggle of neighborhood kids at your house, then check our this list of 10 Neighborhood Games for All Ages from Family Education.

Next, if your kids are into crafts (made out of items you probably already have around the house or in your yard), then check out this list of 23 Incredibly Fun Outdoor Crafts by DIY Joy.

If you are campers like our family, then you probably already read the Camping World Blog, but if you don't, here is their list of 10 Things You Must Do While Camping.

What I love about Camping World's List is that you don't even have to be at a campground to do a lot of the fun activities they suggest, such as the new treasure hunting craze called Geocaching.

And in the spirit of treasure hunting, if you really want a fun activity that is an oldie but a goodie, then be sure to download our updated Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

There are two versions of our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt to choose from. Our "Backyard Version" is an easier list with items that are more commonly found in your backyard or neighborhood, while the "Park Version" is more detailed and works best in public areas like campgrounds, playgrounds, parks or vacation spots. 

FUN TIP: Before heading out on your scavenger hunt, grab a pack of brown handled shopping bags and print copies for each child (2-to-a-page makes them the perfect size for bags). Then your kiddos have a place to store all of their treasures as they collect and they won't misplace the list.

This Outdoor Scavenger Hunt is always a big hit when we go camping, and we still have some of the "Treasures" we have found on those trips.

And speaking of summer trips, be sure to check out our awesome Happy Camper Planner and Travel Planner in our Printables Shop! These sets are just $5 each and will help you plan, pack and organize your trip and keep it STRESS FREE (or as stress-free as any trip can be :)

We hope you are all having a fantastic summer!!

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