Thursday, January 31, 2019

NEW Valentine's Day Printables!

Thanks to the Polar Vortex, we've got major cabin fever here in the Midwest! Thankfully, tomorrow is February 1st which means we are one month closer to SPRING!!!

But to help you pass the time indoors on this chilly Thursday, we've got two NEW Valentine's Day printables we think you are going to love.

First up, for all of our planner lovers, we are staring a new freebie series this year! In 2019, we want to create a new one-page planner for ALL of our favorite holidays and annual events. We will share them here on our blog, as well as on our Facebook & Instagram pages, so be sure to follow along!

First up, we have our new Valentine Planner!

This fun page has everything you need to plan the basics, like cards to send (or pass out in school), decor, things you want to make, gifts you need to buy, etc. We also have plenty of space for writing your Valentine's Day plans & menu! This page will come in all three of our planner sizes, and you can download each of them {HERE}.


While scrolling through Facebook this week (during one of our many snow days), I saw an awesome Valentine's Day tradition that I am excited to try this year. The idea is write little love notes on paper hearts and stick them to your kids' doors on the days or weeks leading up to Valentine's Day! While it is perfectly easy to cut out your own hearts out of construction paper, we wanted to make the project a little more fun (and easy)!

Our printable set comes with a cute sign to hang on the door so that your kiddos know to expect new hearts every day! We also included a space where you can sign who the notes are from. That way, you can include mommies, daddies and/or siblings in on the fun!

The set also comes with 5 sheets of pre-filled hearts, and a sheet of blank hearts so you can write your own personal notes. You can download everything {HERE} All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors and you are ready to go! 


Once you start to fill out your Valentine Planner, you will almost immediately remember one of the most time consuming tasks of Valentine's Day


With all the extra time some of us have to spare in the house this week, why not try printing your own? Our bubble Valentine Cards have been a huge hit the last two years, and you can check them out and download your FREE set {HERE}. 


And finally, one of our ALL TIME favorite Valentine's Printables...

Even my 5th grader still loves getting notes in her lunch box, and these little Valentine Lunch Box notes are the perfect little "I love you" to send with them each day.
And while you are at it, you can download ALL of our Lunch Box notes {HERE} and prepare for the holidays to come :) 

We hope you all have a magical Valentine's Day!!

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