Saturday, July 27, 2019

31 Day De-Clutter Challenge Printable

There are 3 times of year that I REALLY get the urge to de-clutter my life: After Christmas, the first beautiful day of Spring and right before Back-to-School!

Typically when I get this urge I pick a weekend and try to go through as much as I can and while that does help some, I find that there are lots of important places that are missed. Even Marie Kondo doesn't organize a whole house in a weekend, so why do I think I can?! I've been reading a lot about organization lately and one common belief among the gurus is that de-cluttering is more successful when broken into smaller tasks vs. cramming everything into a weekend. There are hundreds of different challenges to follow, but I decided to make a list of the 31 most cluttered areas of my life (and most likely yours, too) PLUS I surveyed some of our friends on ThePolkaDotPosie Facebook Group Page and came up with this NEW Free Printable!

Our 31 Day De-Clutter Challenge isn't that different from the rest, but it was a lot of fun to make and I hope that you find it useful as you begin de-cluttering before back-to-school! We tried to keep the tasks as even as we could timewise, but obviously the closet and garage days will take a little longer, so feel free to shuffle the tasks around to meet your schedule. After you've completed a task, simply cross it off until all 31 tasks are done!

This challenge can be started any time you like, but we will be having periodic challenges on our Group Facebook page so be sure to join in on the fun! August 1st will start our FIRST CHALLENGE!

Wanna join the fun? Download your 31 Day De-Clutter Challenge Printable {HERE}!

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