Monday, March 16, 2020

While We are Home: Schedules & Resources

I know many of us are feeling very anxious today with so much uncertainty and change, but here at ThePolkaDotPosie, we are determined to help all of our friends and customers in any way we can over the coming weeks.

We noticed over the last few days that our Summer Schedule Printable (with screen time menu) has spiked and a few customers have actually reached out to ask if we could adapt that schedule for parents who are now going to spend at least the next few weeks at home with their kids. We thought this was an EXCELLENT idea. We struggled with a new name for the schedule, since we don't want to draw any more attention to those scary words like "Pandemic" or "Covid-19" so we are simply naming this schedule "While we are home..."

Some parents really liked the weekly activity themes, and some asked for a blank version, so we created two versions of this printable with both guided themes or blank days of the week that you can make more homeschool-specific. You can download these FREE printables {HERE}.

And for those looking for a full Homeschool Planner to help with any big transitions you might be facing, please visit our Printable Shop. We will be offering discounts on these planners for the foreseeable future and even if you don't have a colored printer, these can easily be printed in black/white to save some ink.

Another printable we have trending this week is our 31 Day Declutter Challenge

With newly open schedules and the need to stay home over the coming weeks, it is the perfect time to tackle some of those home projects and chores you have been putting off. Our printable doesn't have to be used as a challenge (unless that helps motivate you). You can also simply use it as a list of different areas of your home to tackle each day without getting overwhelmed.

And speaking of being overwhelmed...

In the midst of all this craziness, please don't forget to take care of YOURSELF. While you are busy download, make sure you also grab a copy of our free Self-Care List & Calendar.

With social distancing enforced, not all of these activities will work, but we find that most of the important ones can be done from home (like calling a friend, journaling, taking a bath, cooking a good meal, listening to music, etc.) While you are busy taking care of everyone else, be sure to also take plenty of time to care for yourself :) 

And finally, our newest printable to help you out is our Daily Reflection Journal

This daily page will help you document your days at home with space to journal everything from gratitude and thoughts for the day, to a list of books you read, shows/movies/programs you watched and other things you did that brought you joy (like doing puzzles, having video chats with friends, baking, finishing projects around the house, playing outside, sending cards to loved ones, etc.) You can keep all of these pages in a binder or planner, or you can have the pages bound when life gets back to normal. We hope this printable helps you document this momentous time in history.

We know we can't change the world with printables, but that is what we do best and we are here to help in any way we can to make life a little easier, a little more organized and a little more fun over the coming weeks. Please feel free to reach out if you need ANYTHING from us. Until then, stay safe and healthy, friends!

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