Wednesday, December 30, 2020

FREE New Years Printables for 2020 Reflection and 2021 Goal Setting

 Is it just me, or was 2020 one of the longest AND fastest years of all time??

This was a year filled with so many ups and downs. I find it is sometimes easier to focus on the downs (especially the exceptionally difficult ones like losing family or friends, a job, a business or our health). During this pandemic we've had to make a lot of sacrifices too, like time with our family and friends, important traditions, hugs, time in the classroom, etc. And we shouldn't ignore the downs, the little or the big ones. The downs we experienced this year are shaping us in ways we may not even realize yet. 

But after acknowledging the downs, we also have to look at the ups. I've tried my best to do this all through the month of December and even started writing them down. While I knew I had some very high moments of 2020, I never realized just how many little and big things I could list. It brought me a lot of peace to really reflect on all the positive ways I have changed this year and the way it has made me shift my priorities for the year to come. 

So with this activity in mind, I decided to create a 3rd New Years Printable to add to our free collection. 

This new page is called the 2020 Ups & Downs List and you can download it HERE.

I found a quote written in an old planner that said, "Sometimes life has to turn you upside down, so you can learn to live right side up." This seemed like such a fitting quote for 2020 and it inspired this new printable. 

Using this printable is very simple: Just list your Top 5 Downs, followed by your Top 5 Ups. Do you see any connections between them? Did closing one door open another?

While you are busy reflecting, be sure to download this year's 2020 Year in Review HERE.

This printable was a big hit last year and we wanted to make sure we offered it again. A friend of mine said, "Uh, Jen, maybe remove the part about goal accomplishments at the bottom for this year." I will admit...that health goal will NOT get a check for 2020, but I was able to make some really great connections with friends (even if they were over Zoom), I personally made a HUGE career decision and landed an amazing job at the college I work for, I had an abundance of time with my husband and kids (which was a very important goal coming out of 2019) AND I was able to knock some important things off my Home ToDo list. I am hoping many of you are still able to check many things off your goal list as well, even if they weren't exactly how you envisioned them playing out :) 

Speaking of Goals & Resolutions, our set would not be complete without our 2021 Goals & Resolutions Printable that you can download HERE.

I know we all joke that we want to set our expectations SUPER low for 2021, but I think it is still so important to dream and plan for the future. Your goals and resolutions can be very simple, or now that you have had this year to reflect on your priorities, maybe you want to set some really BIG goals for the year ahead. Reminder...this is YOUR goals and resolutions page and you don't have to fit anyone else's expectations. Just plan from the heart and do more of what makes you happy.

Well friends, I hope you enjoy sitting with these printable today, tomorrow and in the year ahead. Be sure to share some of your reflections and goals with us on social media in the coming days.

Wishing you all a happy, HEALTHY New Year.

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  1. Yes, 2020 felt like the longest and fastest at the same time. Happy New Year to you!