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Not sure where to begin? Check out all the fabulous sets we have to offer!

After more than 15 years of searching for the perfect mom and I realized that there is no such thing. Our wants and needs are constantly changing and we knew we needed a system that could adapt. So in January of 2013, I set out on a mission to create my own set of planner pages. 

After 8 long months and a LOT of trial and error, we launched our very first set of Large Planner Pages for the Academic Year in August of 2013. More trial and error followed, but with the AMAZING feedback from our friends, family and loyal customers, our shop has grown into a one-stop printable shop with a variety of planner sets and extras in three popular sizes. Here is a look at what we have to offer today.

Our Seasonal Planner is still one of our most popular sets. It's bright and colorful and our monthly themes change with the seasons. This set has dated weeks and months, and includes a monthly journal and list page, as well as a yearly overview and standard cover page. You can purchase this set in:

Large (8.5 x 11) in both a standard calendar year January - December 2017, or an Academic Year August 2016 - July 2017

We also offer this planner in size Small (5.5 x 6.5) in both a standard calendar year January - December 2017, and an academic year, August 2016 - July 2017.

And finally, you can also purchase this set in X-Small Personal Size (3.75 - 6.75) in both a standard calendar year, January - December 2017 or an academic year, August 2016 - July 2017

Due to the nature and size of the X-Small planner, we kept the weeks undated in this set for more flexibility. Having the option to choose different style weeklies was so popular…we decided to make that a feature of our undated planners!

Even though I LOVE color and prefer my planner pages to change with the seasons, I realized that not everyone is like me :-) Some people prefer to have the same color-scheme throughout their planner and with that in mind, I created our Signature Design. This planner comes in all 3 sizes, with undated and dated options.

The Dated version of our Signature Planner comes with the same great layouts of our Seasonal Planner, but with a consistent color scheme.

This planner is available in:

One of the most appealing things about our Undated Planner sets is the flexibility they offer. With monthlies, 4 different weekly layouts and a daily page…you are sure to find the layout that suits your needs. The set also comes with journal, list and note pages, as well as a cover page. We have our Signature Design in Large (8.5 x 11)

It's obvious that we love color around here at ThePolkaDotPosie, but for those planners who like to keep it simple (or decorate their own pages), we also have our Simplistic Design! It comes in 

Small (5.5 x 8.5)

and X-Small Personal (3.75 x 6.75)

In addition to our fabulous monthly & weekly calendar sets, we have also launched several wonderful add-ons and custom planners!

We now have a Direct Sales Planner in Large and Small. This set is perfect for businesses such as Origami Owl, Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, etc.

We also have an Etsy Business Planner in Large or Small

A Small Business Planner in Large or Small

We also have a variety of small add-on sets like the Party Planner in Large or Small

The Happy Camper Planner in Large or Small

The Budget Planner in Large, Small or X-Small

And the Health & Fitness Planner in Large, Small or X-Small

In addition to all of these great sets, we also have several single-page extras like our Daily and Weekly Dockets. Be sure to browse the shop regularly for new items!

And before you go, be sure to check out all the Quick Links above for our FREE planner printables!!

You can download them in Large (8.5 x 11") or Small (5.5 x 8.5").

We also have some fun planner extras for X-Small (3.75 x 6.75) as well!

And finally, if you are looking to spice up your calendar pages, we also have some adorable printable calendar stickers!

And this is just the beginning!!! Like I said above, there is no such thing as the perfect planner that will meet everyone's needs. The key is variety and that's why I am already working on more options for 2017!! Stay tuned Planner Junkies :-)


  1. Jen, I have a request. I am absolutely loving your planner - trying to decide which size to purchase. I have a request though - Can you make a printable to be able to put your kids name on the top then sizes sop you can shop for school clothes and place to write down things they mention they like. It's nice to have it to buy just the right gift or a surprise. I will gladly purchase it! Thanks, Nikki

    1. HI Nikki! This is something I hope to add to our freebies before back-to-school this year! Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. Once I print the pages out, how can I get them into a martha stewart discbound planner. Do you sell a paper puncher for the sides or how do you expect I do that?

    1. Hi Jessica! If you read over our "How to Print Our Small Planner Pages" you will see step-by-step instructions for the Martha Stewart discbound and Arc planner systems :)

  3. Hi! I love the planners but work in a very professional corporate environment. Do you have anything with more toned down colors and perhaps a 1 or 2 page per day format with task list and notes?

    1. Hi there! We DO offer a Simplistic design now that is in black and white with no extra embellishments! We have this available in all 3 sizes :)

  4. Hi! Will you ever have MONDAY start calendars available to buy on Etsy? I mean for the Month-on-2-Pages. I know that you already do the Monday start Weekly. I am looking at the xsmall & small versions (for 2014 and/or 2015). Thank you!

    1. I would love to have that, too. ;)

  5. Hi there! We don't have a plan to make out monthlies with a Monday start, mostly because a traditional month-at-a-glance calendar starts with Sunday and that is what most people request in our shop. However, we are always open to custom orders so send us an email or convo if you have more questions!

  6. Hi! I was wondering if you have a suggestion on what weight of paper to print the downloads on? Cardstock would seem to be too expensive and thick.

    1. Hi Robin! I just recently asked Jen which weight she prefers as I was in the store deciding upon 24lb or 28lb. I used 24lb last year when I printed my planner and loved it, but didn't know if most people preferred the 28lb. She said either work fine, and that a lot of people use the 28 and love it. So this year I made the switch to 28. It's really thick (not as thick as cardstock, or as expensive) and smooth. The colors print really bright as well. I love it! I bought a package of 28lb at WalMart for around $7, however the 24lb was only $5.50 :)

  7. Am I able to purchase just one page?

    1. Hi Neirda! Just message us in our Printables shop and we can discuss pricing for a single page.

  8. Hi! Are you going to make the teacher planner available in Filofax personal size? Please let me know if you do - I'd love to use it!

  9. why cant i get the planner extra's in the small size? is the small the size that I need for the filo A5?

    1. Hi Jess! Yes…Small is what you need for an A5 Filofax. Just click on the link above for the small free planner pages :)

  10. hi i tried to get the home management system in small and it came up as page not found

  11. Hi Jen looking to download the new xmas printables, but the link isn't working,,,i know you're on vaca so when you get back ;)

  12. Hi Jen. I love your planners and the fact that they all match. But I was wondering if by chance you have a blog planner to match as well.
    Thank you,

  13. I want the direct sales calendar! Just have a few questions! How many pages is it with the pages being front and back? Please and thank you!

  14. I absolutely love your printables. I do have a request though! I love clean mama cleaning schedules etc. Is there any plan to add a cleaning schedule that is pre-printed into your line-up? Check hers out for an idea of what i'm referring to. I like the one over there but the printing isn't as great as yours for the "small" size!

  15. I've been checking back and checking back hoping that you've fixed the small home management printables, but the page hasn't been working for a few months now. I know you're busy! Any chance you could fix it sometime soon? Thank you!! :)