Thursday, July 30, 2015

Your Back-to-School Countdown Checklist!

The Back-to-School catalogs have been out for weeks and the "Welcome Back" letters from schools are popping up in mailboxes everywhere. No matter how much we would like to deny it…school is almost here!! AH!!

So to help us start getting back in the groove, we put together a fun little School Countdown Checklist of all the things we want to accomplish in the next few weeks before heading back to school. Both my daughter and my niece contributed to this list {see "family trip" and "play dates with friends"} and I think we've covered some of the most important reminders.

2 Weeks Before School Starts

If your school is like ours, you've had your school supply lists since the beginning of summer, so now is the time to pull those out and start watching sale ads. Because most of us don't do all of our school shopping in one place, it may be helpful to break up your shopping lists by store. To help you out, our first back-to-school Free Printable is this handy School Shopping List:

These lists print two-to-a-page and you will want to cut them down the middle to make two lists {we recommend printing borderless if you can}. They are blank so you can use these lists throughout the year! Just write the store name at the top and jot down your items.

As you start collecting all of your school paperwork and lists, you may notice that your planner or family calendar needs some refreshing. Our  Printable shop has a lot of fantastic options right now for planners, calendar pages, student planners and more. We also still offer our Free Home Management printables in 3 sizes, and if you are looking for a new way to organize your week, our second back-to-school freebie is this great List Organizer!

If sticky notes and Post-its tend to pile up in your house, our new Weekly List Organizer is a great way to keep them all together. Just print this organizer once, laminate it for durability, write your lists for the week, stick them on and stay on task!! You can put this page in your Home Management binder, your planner, or even stick it to your fridge or family bulletin board.

After your lists are made and your calendar is in order, it's time to start working on another schedule.


Did you know that our Kids Chore/Reward Charts can be used as a Routine Chart too? With tasks such as Brush Teeth, Read Book and Take a Bath…you can set up your chart for morning and bedtime routines! A few fun stickers may make the process go a little more smoothly for everyone :) And adults…don't forget about your bedtime too! Mornings are going to get busy again, so it's important that you wind down early too.

Saying farewell to summer is hard, but having an end-of-the-summer trip, outing or special day gives us all something to look forward to. Even if you can't get to the beach or travel, planning a backyard campout or trip to the zoo is a great way to end a fun summer {Thanks for this reminder Addie & Nia}.

1 Week Before School Starts

For some of you, school is only a week away at this point, which means it's time to reconnect with school friends and start getting our home in order!! The hustle and bustle of school days starts right away, so it helps to be organized from the beginning. This is a great time to clean out closets and start assessing which school clothes and shoes fit…and which do not. It's also helpful to find a place for backpacks, lunch bags and other gear. 

And speaking of lunches…

Your homework assignment for the day is to search the keywords LUNCH PACKING STATION in Pinterest and then carve out a good two hours to browse all of the amazing images. Organizational eye candy, I'm telling you!!

Getting your lunch packing supplies together in one place is such a smart idea, especially when it makes things easy enough so that your kids can help you pack the lunches (or do it themselves!!). It also helps when it comes time to grocery shop. You can better assess what you have and what you need to stock up on. One thing you will find in almost every Lunch Packing Station is a space for some fun Lunch Box Notes. Last school year, we shared a free set of Lunch Box notes each month and you can download all of them HERE!!

Print these babies early so that they are ready to go! We hope to share some fun new ones throughout the year :)

And while you are on Pinterest, be sure to also search the key words HOMEWORK STATION and READING NOOK. We may not all have the space or the money to create those beautiful work stations that we see in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, but even something as simple as setting up a desk in your kids bedroom or putting together a caddy of supplies and other homework/reading essentials can be helpful. Professional organizers always claim that having these dedicated spaces keeps away distraction and gets kids excited about doing their work. I don't know if "excited" is the right word…but anything is worth a try, right?!

Depending on your school's schedule of events, you may have the opportunity to attend a "Find Your Way" day or a "Meet the Teacher Day" before the first day. You will be coming home with a lot of information about important phone numbers, schedules and events for the upcoming year and if you want a more centralized place to keep the important stuff, here is a School Information Sheet you can use in your planner, home management binder or on your family bulletin board. You can download it X-SmallSmall & Large {Please note that the X-Small/Personal size may look blurry in the download preview, but will not print this way}.

The Day Before School Starts

This can be such an emotional day! On one hand, we are a little sad that summer is officially over, but on the other, we are excited for a brand new school year full of possibilities and memories to be made! Staying positive and excited will get your kids excited too. Before bed, talk about the first day, read some "back-to-school" books and plan a special treat or activity for when they get home from school. 

After all that, make sure EVERYONE gets to bed early (you too, parents!) but before you do, make sure your camera is out and you have your First Day of School signs printed and ready to go for the morning. Our Printable Chalkboard First Day of School signs were a big hit last year, and we've updated all of them for this school year!

The First Day

It's here!!! The first day of school. You've already done all the prep work and you are organized and ready to rock-n-roll!! Now smile, take lots of pictures and get excited for a GREAT YEAR!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Enjoy 10% Off Your Entire Purchase in BOTH SHOPS this Holiday Weekend!

Happy 4th of July Weekend, friends! We hope you have some fun celebrations planned with your friends and family.

We have a special treat for all of you this weekend!! If you don't already follow us on Facebook or Instagram, just head over and "Like" or "Follow" our page for a 10% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE coupon code!! This code will be good in BOTH of our shops this weekend only.

This is a great time to stock up on planner pages for back-to-school or purchase a fabric planner cover that you've been eyeing :)

Please note that while our shops are open this weekend, we will have limited access to our computers. For our printables shop, only Instant Download items will be sent on time. All other orders, including our Seasonal Planners, Stationery, Personalized Covers, Chore Charts and Invitations, will not be processed until Monday. We thank you for your patience and we hope you all have a 

Happy 4th of July!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FREE Printable Summer Planner Stickers

Happy Tuesday, Friends!! We hope you are all enjoying summer and gearing up for a fun-filled 4th of July weekend!! If you are in need of some fun patriotic printables and snack ideas, just click {HERE}. Our 4th of July cupcake toppers have been a big hit the last few summers :)

And speaking of freebies…do we have a special treat for you today!!!

We are just ONE WEEK AWAY from launching our BRAND NEW Printable Planner stickers and because we are just too excited to wait…we wanted to offer you one of the sheets for FREE!!

This is our "Summer" sheet and like the rest of our Printable Planner stickers, you will want to use Avery 5408 Labels. These can be found in any office supply store near the other specialty labels, or you can purchase them on Amazon for a great price.

For those of you that have never printed our stickers before, please know that all printers are NOT created equal. Our new images do have an extra bleed (meaning the color is stretched beyond the sticker edge) in order to compensate for any slight alignment issues that some printers may experience. Also, we have put together some quick printing instructions and tips:

1. Open your sticker file in Adobe Reader. We recommend this program over other PDF file readers.

2. On the print screen, be sure to select "Actual Size" and check the box for "Choose Paper Source by PDF File Size."

3. If your printer is still not recognizing the 4x6 paper size, you may have to change settings to "Photo Tray" or adjust your custom paper size to 4x6. 

4. The stickers are in high resolution and so there is no need to print the stickers in "best" or "photo quality" unless you would like your colors more saturated. 

5. If you are still experiencing alignment issues after following all of the steps above, we recommend realigning your printer (you can find steps for this on your printer driver or in the manual), or you can also Google your printer make and model to search for suggestions from other users on how to adjust specific settings.

We really hope you enjoy using these stickers in your planner this summer and we CAN'T WAIT to show you all of the other fabulous designs we will be offering. Stay tuned for the big launch!!!


TERMS OF USE: Please note that all of our Free Printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This means you are not allowed to sell, redistribute, edit or claim them as your own. We would love for you to share these stickers, but please make sure you link back to this blog post (and not the download link itself). Some graphics used in this set are designed by the incredibly talented Lilly Bimble on Etsy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Get Organized for Summer with These Fun FREE Printables!

I can feel the excitement in the air with Summer Break just days away. My daughter has been crossing off calendar squares in her planner since March and if you want to know exactly how many days, hours and minutes of school are left for the year…just ask her :)

For kids, Summer Break = FREEDOM!!!
For parents, Summer Break = What am I going to do with these kids all day??!

In the beginning of summer, I am so thankful for slow mornings with no alarm clocks or frantic where-are-my-shoes-the-bus-is-almost-here panic attacks. I appreciate lunches in the park, afternoons at the beach and weekends at the campground. Most of all…I LOVE not having a schedule.

For about a week.

After that, I find that ALL of us need at least a little schedule. I realize that using the words "Schedule" and "Summer" in the same sentence is frowned upon, but for the sake of this post, let's go with it. 

To me, having a Summer Schedule isn't about giving up those lazy mornings or lunches in the park. It's not even about scheduling every minute of your day with activities and projects. 

To me, having a Summer Schedule = Sanity

It may be Summer Break for our kids, but we still have a house to take care of and errands to run. We still have dinner to cook every night. We still have activities, parties and events to plan for. We still have work and other professional responsibilities. And…we still have kids who have their own responsibilities, practices to get to, summer reading minutes to log, etc. 

If we want to keep our summer chaos-free and still have time for FUN…it's a good idea to have a simple schedule to follow. Last summer, we created a Weekly Docket to help you do just that and this year, we are adding two fun printables to go with it!!

The Weekly Docket can be your go-to planner page (in addition to your monthly calendar). Use the daily squares for meal planning, activities & appointments, etc., the To Do & Errands lists for your weekly tasks and the "Activity or Project of the Week" box for any home project, vacation, party, etc. that you have planned. This printable would work great on your fridge or family bulletin board to keep everyone informed of the week ahead :)

The first of our 2 new summer printables is the Summer Bucket List!

I always like to make a list at the beginning of the summer of the books I want to read, the movies my family and I would like to see and all the things we would like to Make & Do {like plant a fairy garden, re-stain/paint the swing set, plant an herb garden, etc.}

And, because my family LOVES camping, I've added an "Adventures to Take" list. This list is for writing down anywhere you want to go and explore this summer. It can be visiting family in another state, or visiting the museum, or going hiking...any adventure you'd like to have at home or far away. The reason we added the bucket list this year is because we don't want to forget about the FUN of summer!!! We've waited all year for these 3 months…we need to make the most of them :)

Speaking of fun…the second new printable in our set is a Summer Holidays Schedule. This list includes your typical summer holidays like Father's Day, 4th of July, etc., but it also covers the SUPER fun holidays like National Ice Cream Day and the Great American Campout Day. We've done our best to track some of the most popular ones we could find online, but be sure to comment on this post if you know of any we left out :)

Our family is going to try our best to follow one very important "rule" this summer. We came up with it together in the hopes of actually sticking to it. At the top of our Bucket List, we wrote:

This summer is all about family, friends and FUN!!

We can't avoid work or the daily chores & responsibilities that go along with being a grown-up (boo!!!) but we CAN vow to be more present and enjoy all the things that make life worth living. 

So, friends, what is your summer "rule" this year??!!


To download these printables and get started with your Summer planning, click on the following links:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Last Day of School {Printable} Chalkboard Signs

It is so hard to believe that all of these cuties are almost done with school for the year!!

Where does the time go?? 

Seeing all of the adorable preschool graduation pictures on Facebook this week reminded me that we need some LAST DAY of school signs, too!!! I've just updated all grades and you can download each of them {HERE}.

We will be updating all signs for the 2015-2016 school year this summer, so be sure to follow along with us here or on our Facebook page.

We hope you and all of your kiddies have a FABULOUS SUMMER BREAK!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy May Day Printable!

My dear friend April asked the other day if we had any "Happy May Day" printables available on our blog, and I embarrassingly had to ask her what May Day was all about! She said that many cultures around the world celebrate May Day as a way of saying goodbye to the long cold winter, and welcoming warmer weather by gathering flowers, singing and dancing.

Well, I can think of no better celebration after the winter we've had :) And so…we've created this sweet little printable chalkboard tag that you can print and attach to bouquets of flowers, use as a plant stick or even a treat bag tag!

You download this free Happy May Day printable {HERE}.

Happy May Day, friends!! Bring on the sunshine!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coffee Talk with ThePolkaDotPosie!

Happy Thursday, friends!! My mom and I are so excited to share a new weekly segment that we will be starting on our Facebook Page, Instagram account and right here on our Shop Blog!!

What we have come to realize is that we have SO MANY creative and inspiring friends & customers and we think it would be so much fun to share how we all "keep it together." Some weeks you may be able to contribute with an idea of your own, and some weeks you may come just to look at all the other ideas and Q&A for inspiration and motivation.

We look forward to getting to know all of you a little better and we hope that you are as excited as we are to start this fun new adventure. We would also LOVE to know what topics you would like to see featured on Coffee Talk, so leave a comment below and enter for your change to win a set of our Seasonal Bunting Notes & List pages!!