Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

This past weekend, something very exciting happened around our house. My daughter lost her very first tooth!! Of course my mom and I were already prepared with all the tooth fairy essentials, including a tooth fairy pillow (which my mom is currently designing so we can add it to our shop soon!), as well as some glitter money and a tooth fairy receipt.

Several people asked if I would mind sharing my tooth fairy receipt and I thought I could do one better by offering a girl and boy version!! The receipts are sized for 5x7 but you could really print it any size you want.

You can download the girl version here, or the boy version here.

Feel free to share and pin this download with anyone you'd like!! We just ask that you please link to our blog instead of linking directly to the download.

We hope this printable makes your little boy or girl as happy as it did ours!!