Monday, December 30, 2013

BE More Organized in 2014

If there is one resolution that I make every single year {besides getting in shape} it's to get organized. 

I think the reason this makes it on my list every year isn't because I've failed the previous year, but rather because "getting organized" is always a work in progress. Our lives are always changing and the way we organize our home, our finances and our lives needs to adapt with us. There is no end goal where I will be able to say, "PERFECT! I'm organized!" 

So, I've decided this year that instead of resolving to "get organized," I am going to resolve to "BE more organized." I want to be smarter about managing our time, our budget, our activities, our home, our careers, etc. and I realize that the best way to do that is to set up my planner and our Home Management binder to meet our needs in 2014. Between the kids busy schedules, my growing business, our camping and travel plans, our changing budget…there's a lot to keep track of. Our 2014 looks very different than our 2013, but in the best way possible :-)

So it's time to get to work! Who's with me? Are you resolving to BE more organized in the new year? Are you looking to start using a planner or reorganize the system you have? Do you have a Home Management binder or ever considered setting one up? If so…hopefully some of our fabulous printables will be able to help you out!! We now offer printable planner pages in 2 different styles, for 3 different sizes!! We also have plenty of FREE printables to help you out with both your planner and your Home Management binder. Be sure to click on our "Planner Pages" tab at the top of our blog to see everything we have to offer.

And while you are busy printing and downloading, please be sure to include our Free New Years Resolutions & Goals printable! It is available in 3 different sizes and you can download them all by clicking HERE.

Happy New Year, friends!! Here's to a more organized, productive, healthy, HAPPY 2014!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

All Aboard the Christmas Lights Express!

Looking for something fun to add to your Advent Activities Calendar? Why not take your kids on a magical car ride to explore all the beautiful Christmas lights in your town!

Fill a thermos of hot coco, put on some warm jammies and have your family pile into the car! We like to have our Elf on the Shelf leave our Christmas Lights Express tickets for us so be sure to have your elf download our free printable tickets here :-)

Happy Holidays!!