Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Goals & Resolutions Printable

I love the start of a new year. 

Maybe it's because I love having an excuse to reorganize my home and set up a new planner. Or maybe it's simply because I love having the opportunity to dream big and set new goals for the year. 

I'll admit…some of our goals for 2015 were big ones. We wanted to save money for two important projects on our home, I wanted to grow my business, we wanted to travel more as a family, I wanted to volunteer more in the kids' school (just to name a few) and all the while, I tried to focus on my Word of the Year, which was "No." I know that may seem like an odd word to choose, but it was because I found myself saying "Yes" to too many little things and I was losing sight of the bigger things that were more important.

I am still not very good at saying "No" (unless I'm speaking to my kids or a friend asks me if I feel like working out), but the times I did say "No" this year made it possible for me to say "Yes" to say many wonderful opportunities. We traveled more, we saved enough for our home projects AND ThePolkaDotPosie became a familiar name in the planner community. 2015 has been nothing short of spectacular and I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring :)

But before 2015 is over…we need to plan!! To help us out, I have a NEW free printable for your 2016 Goals & Resolutions.

Our printable looks a little different this year. We've added a section for the "Word of the Year," which is best described as a word that you want to focus on all 365 days (or 366 since it's leap year). My Word of the Year for 2016 is:


Next, our printable has a space for you to write a goal for each category of your life. You can make these goals/resolutions as simple or specific as you want. For example, my Health goal is to run a 10K this year and my Friends goal is to have more coffee/lunch dates with my girls. We also have a blank space that you can use for something more personal or specific for you or your family. Perhaps you are saving for home improvement, or a vacation, or perhaps you have a personal goal of starting your own Etsy shop or meeting the love of your life :)

The purpose of writing out goals & resolutions isn't to make your life more stressful, but rather to encourage you to do more of what makes you happy!! Have fun with this list and use it as a guide for the next year. We may have some repeats on our list (I'm looking at you Health & Fitness. Ha!) but what's important is that we try. It's never too late to set a new goal…or achieve an old one.

Happy New Year, friends!!! Thank you for being a part of our lives and our dream. See you in 2016!

To download our FREE 2016 Goals & Resolutions page, click on one of the following links:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All Aboard The Christmas Lights Express!

One of our family's favorite Advent Activities is taking a ride on the Christmas Lights Express! 

Every year, after our kids are freshly bathed and in a new pair of Christmas jammies, we leave these Christmas Lights Express Tickets on their pillows. For the last few years, our Elf Toodles has been the one to deliver them so that he can go alone on the ride with us :)

We created a free Christmas Lights Express printable in 2013, and as of this december, it has been downloaded over 5,000 times! Seeing those downloads come through brings us so much joy knowing that so many families are using it to make memories with their own children, grandchildren and nieces & nephews. If you've used our tickets in the past, we would love to see a picture on our Facebook page or a story in the comments :)

This year, we wanted to give our Christmas Lights Express ticket a little makeover so that it coordinates with the rest of our Free Christmas Printables. We also made it a little easier to print with 4 to page :) We hope your family enjoys using these as much as ours does.

All aboard!!!